31 May 2005

10 Years

Zeldman celebrates 10 years. Discuss.

04 May 2005

Remove Forebrain and Serve

21 April 2005

How to Include Web Standards in an RFP

People often wonder how to include web standards in an internal Request for Proposal. Information architect Tanya Rabourn recently did it this way:

In order to anticipate future browser compatibility we require conformance to the following W3C standards:

Validate to either the W3C's XHTML 1.0 transitional or strict doctype

Validate to the W3C's CSS 2.1 or 1.0

Javascript will never use browser detect but instead object detection to test for browser support of properties, arrays and methods

If you work as an in-house designer, developer, or content professional, how do you specify web standards requirements in your project documents?

14 April 2005

Good vibrations

Whats in My Bag
Originally uploaded by Pierre Nel.

Is it just me, or does this photo vibe slightly kinky?

05 April 2005

Elephants on 34th Street NYC

Originally uploaded by zachklein.

A neighbor I've never met, Zach Klein, caught the annual progression of Barnum & Bailey's elephants along 34th Street.

Each year when the circus comes to NYC, Barnum & Bailey marches its menagerie through the tunnels into Manhattan and along 34th Street.

It is a vision out of Fellini, made all the more dreamlike for taking place in the middle of the night.

04 April 2005

The "Does Design Matter?" panel

Tee Shirt Vendor?

We're making tee shirts. We're looking for an online company that handles e-commerce and fulfillment (delivery).

* Quality of tee shirts must be good.
* Credit card processing must be smooth and error-free.
* Customer satisfaction must be high (or at least, there should not be many reports of frustrated customers who ordered but didn't receive their merchandise).

Had experience with a great vendor? Had a bad experience with a crappy one? Tell us all about it.